By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

When You See Inside This ‘Hotel Room’ You’ll Never Want To Stay At A Big Chain Hotel Again.

Live-and-work spaces are becoming more common as industries transition to being manned by people who are mostly working remotely. Spaces like this are the answer to that change, and this one is particularly epic.

It's called the Zoku Loft, and it was designed as a live/work hybrid for people who need longterm residence in particular city. The idea was to remove the bed as the focal point of the room, and instead focus on the kitchen and common areas, which are more conducive to getting work done. Check out the photos and video of this incredible space below.

The Zoku Loft is 258 square feet of awesome.

It functions like an apartment -but residents can stay in for as little as five days, and as much as five months.

"Use it to work across time zones, host dinner parties or gently rest your head after making a deadline," said the designers on the Zoku Loft website.

One crucial element to the loft are its space saving features, many of which are so clever, you'll wish your actual apartment was set up the same way.

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