By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

No Matter How Hard You Look You’ll NEVER Guess What These Works Of Art Really Are.

We often think our world is restricted to only what we can see. Even looking at something close up, we frequently cannot make out intricate details. One photographer named Pyanek, offers a new perspective that challenges our view of things.

In a series entitled "Amazing Worlds Within Our World," Pyanek photographs a number of common things at extreme zoom and what he accomplishes in doing so is nothing short of remarkable.

Each photograph captures incredible detail and clarity that leaves one baffled. You have to wonder what technology was used to take such amazing images.

The video shows an image and within seconds reveals the identity of the object. A single gradual of white sugar looks like a diamond and a single strand of spaghetti looks like a fibre optic cable. All in all, you might only be able to name one or two things before the answer is revealed.

Brass key

Grain of white sugar


Soap foam

Source: pyanek