This Wedding Dress Will Be Worn By 12 Different Brides Over The Next Year.

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After her wedding, Dawnetta folded her dress in a box, and stowed it away for safekeeping.

A lot of women spend their childhood thinking about their dream wedding. They know every detail way before it's their time to get married. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, their dream wedding is nothing but a dream. They won't be able to have the seven string quartet, the thousands of flowers, or the wedding dress of their dreams. These things cost a lot of money, and that's what sad, a lot of people just don't have that kind of money. Dawnetta Heinz knew this when she was packing boxes to move, and came across her wedding dress. Instead of selling it, she had a better idea.

When it was time for her to move to another home with her husband, the dress resurfaced. She knew that many women passed their dresses to other people, Dawnetta wanted to do the same.

Dawnetta Heinz

Not long ago, Dawnetta was homeless and living in a car with the man who would later become her husband.

Because of her past, Dawnetta wanted to donate her dress to someone in need, so she posted her desire to do so on Facebook. She received so many replies that Dawnetta decided to pass it on to 12 women, instead of just one.


The women who contacted Dawnetta agreed to continue to pass it on after they used it, as long as it was still in good condition.

Arianna was the first person to be able to wear the dress at her vow renewal, on August 23. Arianna wasn't able to wear a fancy wedding dress at her first wedding, and after having a miscarriage, wearing such a beautiful dress for their vow renewals was just was she needed to lift her spirits.

Arianna Pro

Arianna was excited to be able to be a part of such a beautiful experience.

“It’s becoming like a sisterhood. We are all forming a chain of forever friendships, especially since it’s all local,” Arianna said during an interview with TODAY.

Arianna Pro

The second person in the chain to wear the dress was Valarie Fitzgerald.

Valarie and her husband live paycheck to paycheck, so she was grateful to be able to wear the dress on August 28, since she couldn't afford one.

Valarie Fitzgerald


All of the women who will be wearing the dress have a similar story, and thanks to Dawnetta, they will be able to look like the princess they are on their big day.

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