Friends For Over A Decade Find Out They Are Actually Brothers.

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When Walter Gordy, 37, and Mark Tolson, 36, met, they had no idea they had so much in common.

Do you have a best friend that you get along with so well, you almost wish they were your brother or sister? Well, there were two men from Texas named Walter Gordy and Mark Tolson. Now these two weren’t exactly BFFs. They were more like acquaintances after being introduced by a mutual friend. But they got along okay. In fact, they even exchanged numbers but had no idea they shared a bond that was stronger than anything until they took a DNA test. And that’s when their lives were changed forever!

One day, Tolson went looking for his biological father using 23andMe, a biotechnology company that provides personalized reports on health, traits, and ancestry using a sample of a client’s blood. But the results left him quite shaken.

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Tolson was looking through the list of results when his eyes locked on to the section for DNA relatives.

He figured he’d run into a distant relative like a fourth cousin, but he wasn’t expecting for Walter Gordy’s name to pop up. It turns out that Gordy had also used 23andme in 2014 because he had suffered from cancer and wanted to know if he might have other predisposed illnesses in his genes.


On September 19, 2018, Tolson called Gordy and told him the 23andMe results said they were brothers.

It turns out that both of their moms had used the same fertility clinic to conceive and also the same donor to get pregnant. But what’s even more shocking is that the mothers knew each other. They simply had no idea their boys were related.

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The family went on to share their incredible story with others, but first they had to get all the facts.

Gordy recalled his mom dropping the phone on the table when he showed her a photo of Tolson’s mom and she said “‘Oh my God, that’s Wini and we sing in the choir together and I just saw her 20 minutes ago at church.’”

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Gordy had begged his mom for a brother and sister, but had accepted this would never happen.

Gordy said, “I always wanted a sibling. I always wanted it and it never happened. With him, it was immediate love.” Once the news of their lineage set in, Tolson and Gordy were elated that they were brothers.

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So, it’s no surprise that they went from being acquaintances to being a family that celebrated holidays like Thanksgiving together.

Even their moms went from choir buddies to family too. If it hadn’t been for Gordy’s lymphoma diagnosis and the lump on his neck, Tolson would not have known that he had a blood brother when he went to look through his results on the 23andme site.

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Now that Gordy is cancer-free, he can finally catch up on the 30 plus years he spent without Tolson.

Gordy and Tolson were invited to share their story with Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones on NBC’s Today Show and they brought their mothers along. Now this family has doubled in size and will undoubtedly serve as inspiration for others looking for lost family members.

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