They Were Married For 62 Years, And Died On The Same Day. But What He Finally Said Left Me In Tears.


Maxine met Don in 1952. They fell in love immediately.

A California couple married for 62 years died just hours apart. Their story reads like a Hollywood movie, is totally real, and is a ‘love story’ in the truest sense of the word.

Years later, they were still the same lovers as on the first day.

They travelled the world, and started a family by adopting two children. Everything they did was done together.

Even age cannot harm them…

Don tenderly holds the hand of his love…

And gazes upon her face, thinking of memories…

They were not only lovers, but also best friends.

As she lay dying, she clung to his hand for their last moments in this world together.

Don let his beloved Maxine go as she died first. Shortly after they brought her out of the room, he followed her into eternity.

His last words he said in this life were… “This is my beautiful wife!,” and he smiled blissfully. Those were the last words Maxine would hear.

A great love that lasts for eternity.

It's such a beautiful thing how this couple was meant to be together, and left this world only hours apart. Love really does transcend everything.

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