These Eerie Abandoned Locations Show Us A Time That’s Long Forgotten.


This abandoned asylum in Italy looks as if it was caressed by Bob Ross.

There are many places all over the world that look as if they come straight from the pages of a fairy tale or from the scene of a horror movie. Places that have been abandoned by the people that loved them and were eventually overrun by nature. Keep on scrolling to check out some of those hidden gems of beauty.

Just look at all of those happy little trees.


An abandoned chapel in France looks as if it was once the home to great kings and queens.

With just a little imagination you can picture guests laughing while dancing the night away at a ball.

We wonder what made all the scientists leave this laboratory.

Maybe they found out how to turn metal into gold and now their extremely rich, enjoying life on the beach.

A deserted rail car in Cape Charles looks like someone stripped everything out of it.

Except for the chairs because no one needed those.


What was once a cinema in the Egyptian desert, is now just a bunch of empty chairs.

Why would they put a movie theater in the desert anyways?

kaupo kikkas

It was once a Yugoslavian Aircraft Hangar in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Now, it's just a great place to rest and enjoy the view.

Adam Dewberry

Here's a ballroom that was left to rot in an abandoned hotel.

It's lovely to think about how many happy people were invited to dance here.


There may be a few ghosts floating around this old church.

Even though it looks a bit spooky, it's still magnificent.


Mother nature is ruthless and will always claim back that which was hers.

And this moss-covered chair is definite proof of that.


After being evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster, Pripyat became a ghost town.

One of the only things left is this Ferris wheel that can never be used again.

Barry Mangham

Fire is completely unprejudiced when it comes to destroying whatever is in its path.

Even if that means consuming an entire theater, but it's still so eerily breathtaking.

It may look like a spaceship, but it's actually the former headquarters for Bulgaria's Communist Party.

You definitely don't want to get abducted into that lifestyle.

Dimitar Kilkoff

This forsaken patients wing of the Sanatorio Duran, Cartago, Costa Rica was the home to mental patients long ago.

Now, the only inhabitants are grazing cattle.


Soon enough this Ferris wheel will be completely hidden from sight.

Imagine uncovering that a few centuries from now.


The Maunsell Sea Forts, England were built to help protect Britain from German attacks.

Honestly, they look like they would be great turned into houses.


Even though the building has been aged by time and the elements, the Diplomat Hotel in Baguio City, Philippines still has its beauty.

The fountain actually looks amazing covered in green foliage.


Nature will consume whatever it can even in the middle of the ocean.

This is the SS City of Adelaide, which wrecked off the coast of Magnetic Island.


A forgotten sheep ranch looks like it's from a Western movie.

All it needs is an appearance of John Wayne.


This abandoned furnace in Caldè, Italy looks like it could be the home of a mad scientist.

If you see a guy with bolts coming out of his head you better just steer clear.


This plane is a wreckage of a B-25 in Papua New Guinea.

Seems pretty useless though, considering there are plants growing out of the engine.


Mosquito Theatre in Italy has been deserted for many years and time definitely didn't take it easy on it.

It's unbelievable what time can do to something.


An abandoned mill in Colorado still looks absolutely beautiful.

Looks like it could still make a great home with some improvements, as long as the roof isn't caved in like the next one.


This was once a house for the birds in Southern France.

Now, it's still a house for the birds without the presence of humans.


It's amazing how this cathedral in Gary, Indiana can still look stunning after so much destruction.

It's a wonder how it is still standing at all.


An abandoned rocket tower in Churchill, MB, with the Northern Lights looming above, looks like aliens should be showing up any minute.

This could quite possibly be the most beautiful photo in this list.