20+ Deserving Pets Who Get The Best Treatment From Their Owners.


Twitter user LoveBeckz split up from her boyfriend 2 years ago, but he still sends their puppy a birthday card on his cake day every year.

Most people love pets, and who can blame them? They’re freaking awesome! In fact, a lot of pet owners consider them an extension of their family tree. They’d probably donate a kidney to save their lives if they needed it. Some folks even think of their pets as their children, which explains why people are willing to go above and beyond for their pets. If you own a pet, you undoubtedly figured out that the key to happiness is in making sure they’re happy. These furry little bodies can provide an abundant source of joy, which is why these pet owners have totally splurge on their pets.

Hum, we don't know how to say this, but girl! It might be time to give your ex a call, go for coffee, and reunite the whole family back. That sounds like a total keeper. Among other things, he wrote: "continue to be there for her like you were for me," "take care of yourself & your mom," and "love dad". Either you marry him or we will!

LoveBeckz / Twitter

Safety comes first, and that includes making sure every family member has buckled up.

Such an adorable picture needs to come with a warning. You might experience temporary overload of cuteness, loss of words, heart palpitations, and an overwhelming need to scream "awww" incessantly.

lyss121 / Twitter

That wiener dog may seem to be expressing nothing more than smoldering resentment.

But when it’s time to go number one, it’s time to go, no matter what the weather is like outside. So, this owner decided to buy his pooch a matching yellow raincoat because there’s no sense in getting wet when you’re doing your business.

PoopingTortoise / Reddit

Mimi, a seven-week old bunny, was born without ears. She was also deaf and was born with only 3 legs.

But her human mom, Rodajia Welch, she fits right in with her brothers and sisters now, thanks to her very own pair of knitted ears. Rodajia said, "She lets me put them on her, but I don't tie them, in a knot so if she wanted to, she could just knock them off pretty easy".

kemonomimi_bunny / Instagram

This poor senior dog was too blind to climb the stairs on his own.

So this lucky fella's wholesome dad added some extra stairs to make his life easier. We've said this before and we'll say this again: the world needs more people like this guy!

Mirzag / Reddit

This puppy is a rescue, so his human parents don't really know when to celebrate his birthday.

But they're not going to let a silly little detail like his date of birth stop them from having a blowout party! They explained, "We don’t really know when his birthday is other than that it’s in May, and so is my dad’s. Here they are celebrating their birthdays together".

nick-avallone / Tumblr

This lucky pup's human dad got him a special mattress to help with his arthritis. The bed was seriously cute, but they were worried he wouldn't like it at first.

Clearly, all their worries went out the window once they saw how much he loved his new bed. The pup is in dire need of an orthopedic dog bed, but their owner was having a hard time finding a proper one. They explained in a Reddit post, "I looked at crib mattresses though, and they're actually just the right size for him. This one is Posturepedic so I hope it helps."

lessnotmore / Reddit

For months, this raccoon was asking for a little brother, and he finally got his wish.

It’s like he’s saying, “Hands off. He’s mine now!” This is so cute. So, what if it’s just a plush toy. As far as this raccoon is concerned, it’s as real as he is. And now he has a little brother to cuddle with at night.

m0rris0n_hotel / Reddit

This fluffy cloud of fur looks like its got all the warmth it could possibly need, but just in case, its owner got them a thermal mat.

And boy, they seem to be enjoying it. Is this the definition of bliss or what? It almost looks like this kitty has achieved total Zen and we can't help but feel a bit jealous.

TheFunkyMonk / Reddit

Puppies and cats aren't the only pets who are getting the royal treatment. A Twitter user bought her bird Kiwi a new goth girlfriend, and they seem to have hit it off.

The two lovebirds, (pun intended!) are the perfect match. Their human mom posted a series of videos where Kiwi can be seen feeding his lover some delicious seed puree. Take notes, guys! This is how you keep your girl happy!

painthands / Twitter

If the weather outside is too hot, it's your job to make sure you furry child is protected and comfy.

Just ask Twitter user @emotobeymaguire who bought their doggo their very own heat-resistant booties. "We stopped outside Arizona for a potty break and it’s 106° outside so I had to put her special booties on," they explained. This is probably the best thing we've seen on Twitter like, ever.

@emotobeymaguire / Twitter

Sometimes, there are random acts of kindness that prove there's hope for humanity after all!

Little things like saying "please," and "thank you," or holding the door for someone could make all the difference in the world. We're absolutely in love with this responsible dog owner who wanted to make sure their puppy could relax during a thunderstorm.

oscarewilde / Twitter

"There’s a thunderstorm outside, but the good news is that my headphones fit Bella perfectly," they explained.

Hum, we're not crying, YOU'RE crying! Now pass the tissue box! I probably have something in my eye.

oscarewilde / Twitter

These kitties weren't allowed outside because the area is riddled with coyotes and foxes, and a super busy road.

It would be a total cat-astrophe if something were to happen to this owner's precious cats. Being a raging animal lover and a responsible pet owner is a pretty tough spot to be in! This cat owner couldn't let their indoor cats wander outside because they feared for their safety.

eggsterminate / Imgur

So they set up a tunnel system that could keep the kitties safe while they take a stroll outside.

The owner explained, "We only set up the tent/tunnel system when we're around and can keep an eye on things; the cats are never left out there unattended."

eggsterminate / imgur

This pup has their own separate doggy room, and it's so cute, this doggy's human uncle had to share it on Twitter.

The cozy bedroom comes with a soft cozy bed and pictures of him and his human family hanging on the wall.

Al_Chris16 / Twitter

The Twitter user wrote on a Twitter post, "My brother built his dog a separate room in his house"

Now, people are wondering if his brother might consider running for president in the future. He would clearly have a lot of votes, ours included! Wow, we're stupidly grinning from ear to ear and we're just loving it!

Hey! Humans aren't the only ones who get to park their perky behinds inside a vehicle and ride comfortably, right?

But wait! Is this pup wearing doggy goggles? You mean to tell us that DOGGLES are real? We can't wait till they start selling these at Walmart!

bendres98 / Twitter

This doggo's owner lets him ride in the back of the pick-up truck, but she doesn't want his eyeballs to get dry.

Some of them run to the nearest Wallgreens or Walmart to buy their doggies some goggles. That's right! Goggles, or "doggles," totally change the game, so this pup's momma took care of it and got him a nice to keep his eyes protected. Not all heroes wear capes, huh?

Jose_Snatched / Twitter

Charlie the dog was on the verge of experiencing a new ice age until his owner saved the night.

Instead of assuming that Charlie’s fur would keep him warm, she found a tiny hot water bottle to give to her pooch so he could finally drift off to sleep instead of allowing his chattering teeth to keep him up all night.


Reddit user Buffaloney84's sister rescued this lovely doggo and named her Peanut. She didn't have any ears, so she bought her a new pair on Etsy.

"My sister rescued this baby girl and gave her new ears,” Buffaloney84 explained on a Reddit post. Sadly, Peanut had been through the wringer, as she was used as a bait dog in dogfighting rings. "Peanut was luckily dumped right after she had puppies. She requires some minor daily care for her ears since they are no longer shaped in a way to protect the ear canal but she’s a very happy and healthy dog otherwise. People are monsters but my sister is an angel!" We couldn't agree more!

Buffaloney84 / Reddit

This puppy just got adopted and she's obviously thrilled about going to her new home.

The adorable pup is grinning from ear to ear. And who wouldn't be? This lucky girl has finally found her forever home. “My sister adopted her very first dog and his before and after pics have me crying," meriah_j posted on Twitter.

meriah_j / Twitter

This poor doggo gets a bad case of anxiety when she's left alone.

So her human mommy packed her a backup. "My dog gets bad anxiety when she stays alone so my mom packed her a bag when we were leaving her with a friend,” marice_vargas posted on Twitter. We're sure she packed all her favorite treats and stuffed toys so their beloved pup feels right at home.

marice_vargas / Twitter