Adele Auditions As An Adele Impersonator… And She Fools Everyone.

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Adele is used to making her fans cry. The British singer’s songs are soulful, her lyrics often describe the heartache of lost loves. Nonetheless, the songbird wanted to show her followers she also has a sense of humor. The 27-year-old disguised herself as an Adele impersonator named Jenny to prank people.

She had the help of a prosthetic nose and chin attached to make her look less like her Grammy-winning self. She wore long gloves to cover her recognizable tattoos. While backstage with other impersonators, Adele even made fun of herself for taking so long to release a new album.

Jenny, however, began to get nervous and dizzy about performing. Even when she walked on stage, it took Jenny time to begin her rendition of, “Make You Feel My Love.” When she began to sing though, her voice gave her away as the true Adele. This time, her fans had tears of joy.


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