Flight Attendant Adopted The Dog Who REFUSED To Leave Her Hotel.

This is Rubio, a stray dog that used to live on the streets of Argentina.

Do you believe in the concept of soul mates? We certainly do. After all, some people were just put on this earth to be together, bound to find each other no matter what stands between them. And as it turns out, soul mates don't just have to be people, either: Sometimes, soul mates are just a human and a dog that are meant to be best friends for life -- even if they happen to live in different countries.

It all started when a flight attendant named Olivia Sievers traveled from her home in Germany to Buenos Aires. While on a break, she was exploring the city and met a stray dog. She gave him some food and played with him a little, and then she went on her way. But the dog had other things in mind: He knew that she was the human he wanted to be with, so what he did was make sure she knew it. Find out what happened in this incredible story below.