20 DIY Home Décor Ideas That'll Make Martha Stewart Jealous.


Geode Bottle Stoppers

What better way to spend your afternoon than with a crafty DIY project? They're super affordable to do and you can't help but get a gratifying feeling of achievement once you've completed the project. But where do you even start? There's so many different types of DIY projects out there. How do you even know what to look up?

Well look no further, below we've comprised a few home DIY projects. Keep yourself busy by becoming a DIYer. We've got DIY projects of all sorts for your home from planters to various types of home decorations. Which one will you start with today?

Glam up your alcohol by creating these geode bottle stoppers for them. All you need is an assortment of geodes with flat bottoms and craft glue. Glue the geodes to the corks and bam!

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