Women Dresses As 90 Year-Old For A Day… What She Discovered Was BRUTAL.

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We are all going to get old one day. Everyday things will be done differently to adjust to our bodies changing in posture, speed, and strength. Regardless of how healthy an elderly person is, things are not done with the same agility that came with youth. Roxanne Pallet is an actor who wanted to know what it was like to be a 90-year-old getting around in Manchester, England.

The 33-year-old went through hours of make-up and prosthetics to become “Doris.” This experiment is personal for Pallet who admits to having been raised by her grandmother. The Brit is also the ambassador for Age UK, a non-profit organization providing support to the elderly.

Pallet spent four hours going shopping, buying coffee, and simply walking down the street. Initially, she assumed the experience was going to fun and exciting, but she realized how ageism exists today. You will want to watch this video and hear what the actor has to say about the way seniors are treated.

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