This Rare Albino Turtle Had A Day At The Beach, The Photos Are OMG Cute.

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This rare albino turtle was found while the conservation group was counting empty shells in the nest.

Somewhere along Queensland's Sunshine Coast, a tiny, rare little miracle has been discovered: He's an albino turtle, and his name is Alby.

Newly hatched and making his way along the beach, Alby came a bit later than his brothers and sisters, who hatched last Friday. Still, despite his albinism, this little guy is just as heart as the rest. Volunteers from Coolum and North Shore Coast Care in Queensland were the ones who spotted him first.

"It was a surprise. We were amazed to see this small white creature with pink flippers," group president Leigh Warneminde said in an interview. To see little Alby for yourself, check out the photos below.

Little Alby is alive and stalwart for now, but experts say he might have a tough life.

Only one in 1,000 green turtles typically survives to maturity -- and sadly, Alby's chances are even slimmer.

Their white color leaves them without camouflage in the water, and therefore more susceptible to predators. Despite this, the volunteers are all rooting for Alby's survival once he makes his way to the sea.

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