Don't Feel Like Putting Up A Christmas Tree? Try One Of These.


Plywood cut out in the shape of a large triangle to hold all the Christmas cards.

Not all Christmas trees are alike. In the past the only real options for a tree was either a small one or a very tall one. Those wanting to do something a little different with their tree often chose a white or even pink evergreen.

There are plenty of different ways to have a tree without having to bring a real one in the house or go to your closest store to pick up a fake one. Decorating a tree nowadays is about using your imagination; the more creative the better.

Whether it’s showing off a little of your personality by showcasing your favourite things or hobby, there is no wrong way to make your alternate tree stand out. After all, not many people can brag about having a tree made of books or sushi.

Bryan Patrick Flynn

Branches in a vase with all the trimmings and baubles.

rebecca june

A wall hanging of an evergreen with ornaments attached.


Turn decal stickers into a simple but meaningful tree.


A wooden triangle with shelves to place special holiday trinkets.

Paper planes make for an elegant tree.


A cardboard cutout of a 3D tree decorated with stickers, photos, and ornaments.


A tree made up of Christmas lights only.

A chalkboard feature wall with the tree. It even comes with its own fireplace to hang your stocking.

Mr Kate

Post-it notes Christmas tree.


A Christmas tree made out of branches placed on top of each other.

kara rosenlund

A delicious sushi Christmas tree, only problem is that it will need to be eaten right away.


Using all the favourite tools for a unique wall tree.


PVC tubes glued together to form a pyramid. Inside each tube hangs a beautiful, red ornament.

For the book lovers, leaning the books in a triangle shape for a makeshift tree.

A ladder is the perfect triangle shape for a tree. Wrapping it up in Christmas lights and a star completes the look.

Keep all the wine stoppers to make your own tree.

A large tree made up of wine bottles.

A tree made up of memorable photographs.

Emily Hendersen

Wooden sticks lined up from smallest to largest with lights and ornaments.


A tree made up of rocks of every size.

Wrapping paper rolls with buttons for ornaments.

A bookshelf used to make an urban looking tree.