Child Used Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint To Buy $250 Of Pokémon, Regrets Nothing.

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So this is how the clever girl did it: She waited until her mom fell asleep while watching a movie and sneakily used her mom's thumbprint to unlock her phone. Then she got into her Amazon account.

It's hard being a kid during Christmas season. You want so many things (mostly toys) and Santa for some reason always gets you a fraction of what you want. But why wait around for Santa when you can take the matter into your own hands. At least, that's what clever 6-year-old Ashlynd Howell did.

The sneaky girl found her own clever way to get all the Christmas gifts she wanted this year! The result: spending $250 of her mom's money on Amazon (we expected nothing less).


After she opened the app, she proceeded to purchase herself 13 different Pokemon toys. The grand total: $250.

Bethany Johnson Howell

The mom had thought she'd been hacked when she received all the order notifications the next day. However, she found out the truth when she asked her daughter if she knew anything about it.

Bethany Johnson Howell

Little Ashlynd simply told her, "Yeah mommy, I was shopping!" How can you get upset at such a cute response like that?

Bethany Johnson Howell

The mom tried to return all the items but was only allowed to return four of them. In the end, Ashlynd ended up with a lot more than what she was supposed to get. That girl is definitely one to watch out for.

Bethany Johnson Howell

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