Watch 100 Years Of Human Beauty… But Close Your Eyes During The 1980s.

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When we talk about fashion we assume only women have gone through a never-ending evolution of looks while men's style has remained largely static. Cut Video’s latest clip shows the last 100 years of beauty and a side-by-side- comparison of both genders.

As it turns out, fellows have not gone unscathed over the century. They have followed glamorous, chic, and less than stellar trends. Males have endured various lengths and looks of hair, both on their heads as well as their faces. Perhaps the less-forgiving look that needs to stay in the past is the one from the 1960’s.

Arguably, women on the other hand, seem to only get better with each decade, except of course the 1980’s. Females have gone from subtle to daring styles. What is encouraging about this video is that both sexes have embraced a more natural, unpretentious appearance for 2015. Tell us what decade you find the most beautiful.


Next, 100 years of women's fashion.

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