He's A Vicious Pit Bull, But I Couldn't Stop Laughing At Him. At 0:37 I Lost It.

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Dog owners always brag about how smart their canine companions are. There is no denying the cute factor is off the charts and it is hard to beat the cuddles of a furry friend.

Dog owners also swear by their ability to communicate with their four-legged friends. For most of us watching this, we might think they are a little bit kooky. But that’s ok because dog owners have it made as they have a non-judgemental buddy and an unbreakable bond for life.

One pet owner has earned the right to gloat as her pal, as seen on the video, understands her and responds to her questions. It’s cute to watch Czr (pronounced Cesar) and it’s happily wagging tail, give an assertive yes, no and sometimes maybe answer. It definitely takes the guesswork out of knowing what Czr is up to or what he wants to do.

But his favorite activity is to go for a walk and answer all the questions he is asked.

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