Overwhelmingly Beautiful Photographs Of Earth's Oldest Living Trees.


Photographer Beth Moon spent 14 years on her quest to capture the oldest trees left on earth. She traveled every continent to find the majestic beauties on private estates, protected land, mountains and remote locales. It is perhaps the best kept secret for the trees to have survived in this modern world: to be remote and inaccessible to modern humanity.

Moon’s criteria to photograph the trees were age, immense size or notable history. The quest birthed the book Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time under Abbeville Publishing Group.

The photographs themselves aim to rival the trees longevity on earth. The images are printed on platinum printing. Platinum is a precious metal that can last thousands of years. What is unique about platinum printing is its three-dimensional characteristic. Furthermore, the color range is broader than the standard black and white. Instead, it pops up black, grey and brown.

To learn more, you can visit Moon’s website.