At First I Thought This Was A Random Pile Of Trash, Then I Looked Closer...


When I saw it...

Benard Pras is a man with an incredible eye for turning everyday objects into works of art. It seems he can use anything to create a portrait. Have a look, it's really neat!

My mind was blown. The precision is immaculate.

Van Gogh

Bruce Lee made from Chinese toys.

Great Wave off Kanagawa.


Can you guess who this is?

Imagine the time it took to put this together! Whoa!

We want YOU- to recycle!

His big garment is made of toilet paper.

Pure GENIUS to use the scream mask for Edvard Munch's "The Scream" re-creation. It fits perfectly.

At a glance I thought he cheated with this one. Nope. It's 100% 'scraps'.

I start to notice the shapes and tones that everyday objects have with each of these.

The table behind him is his hands.

Can you tell who that is?

How about now? He's in 3D!

I really like how he uses the scream mask in #13. If you've got friends who like this kind of art share it with them.