25 Funny Animals Hanging Out With Their Brother From Another Mother.


"He's MY little brother."

Have you ever heard of the phrase "my brother from another mother" or "sister from another mother"? It usually means two individuals from different families who are so close that it feels like they're siblings. Well this phrase doesn't exist only among humans.

Animals share the same types of relationships. In fact, not only does their relationship feel like a brotherly bond, they sometimes resemble each other too! This can be any combination from dog and cat to dog and horse to bunny and dear. The possibilities are endless! This proves any two animals can get along, if in the right environment.

Here's a few "brothers" to look at. Some of them, you can't even tell apart!

"He looks a little different, but I still love him."


There's no tighter bond than getting neutered together.

"We'll get through this, bro."

This looks like a suspicious pair of rascals.

"You can't accuse us of something we didn't do!"

charlotte reeves

The cat practically looks like an extension of the dog's body!

"We are one."

Looks like this guy has taken the role of overprotective brother.

"You have to get through me first to get to my bro."


The only feature different is their eye colors!

"We don't need the same eye color to be brothers."

When a fence is separating you from your best friend.

"Don't worry, I'll figure a way over this thing."

Like brother, like brother.

"We got to be in unison at all times!"


"What do you think you're looking at?"

"We're one big happy family, can't you tell?"


Just a little brother admiring his big bro.

"I want to grow up as big as you one day."


The prettiest pair I've ever seen.

"We're ready for our photoshoot now."


This is almost TOO adorable.

"I think we'll get far in life with our cuteness."

There's always that one runt in the family.

"Size doesn't mean everything!"

Looks like two equally majestic creatures to me.

"Woah check out that babe over there."

Katarzyna Okrzesik-Mikolajek

A family of white and black dots.

"Who's the odd one out? None of us!"

Just two brothers watching the sunset together.

"Did you see that squirrel?"

Tanja Askani

Nothing feels better than strutting down a street together.

"We're fierce and fabulous, get used to it."

"We don't need hair to look good."

"We look spectacular either way."

lying vulture

There must be a lot of shedding that happens in this house.

"That's not my fur, it's his."

"Are you looking at my little bro?"

"If so, back up now before I rip your face off."


Same animal, but different breed.

"What do you mean one of us is adopted, we look exactly the same."


They're practically the same size!

"It's not wrong if we're only doing eskimo kisses right?"


A speckled piglet and dachshund puppy has never made me so happy.

"We're different but we're different together."

"Why am I always the one on the leash?"

"He's the one always jumping everywhere."

This adopted lamb follows the dog all around the farm all day.

"You're the best thing that's ever happened to me."

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