25 Photos Of Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Put A Smile On Your Face.


A baby chimp and a lynx.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. What's even more beautiful is when we see animals of different species befriend each other.

Barry Bland

A dog and an owl.

Solent News and Photos

A golden retriever and baby chickens.


A leopard and a dog.

Wall Foryou

A wild boar piglet and a dog.


A chicken and puppies.

Anita Maric

A hawk and a dog.

Hendry Daniel Screen

A puppy and a rabbit.

Wall Papers

A chimpanzee and a tiger cub.

Bary Bland

A horse and a cat.

RÅ«ta DambrauskaitÄ—

A duck and a dog.


A pitbull and a chicken.


A dog and a lion

Bacroft USA

An elephant and a dog

Barry Bland

A bearded dragon and cat


A monkey and pigeon.


A fluffy chicken and a two legged Chihuahua.

Duluth Animal Hospital

A pitbull, a cat, and chickens.

Helen J. Arnold

A lion cub and a baby skunk.

Don Johnston

A cat and a fox.


A bear, A tiger, and a lioness.

Barcroft Media

A baby kangaroo and a wombat.


An orangutan and a dog.

Barry Bland

A dog and a fawn.

Isobel and Martin Springett

A dog and a fox.

Torgeir Berge