24 Happy Animal Photos Made Possible By The People Who Saved Them.


An adorable piglet was born without being able to use his back legs. Someone made him a nifty wheelchair using some K’Nex Toys.

Sometimes when I look through my Facebook newsfeed I see disturbing images and stories of animal abuse, it’s heartbreaking. Fortunately, the world is not all bad and there are good people doing some really wonderful things to help animals. Here are 24 animal saviors who took the time to make a difference in an animal’s life.

Telegraph/Chris P Bacon

This bird fell out of a tree from heat exhaustion so a kind woman gave it a cool summer bath.


A baby elephant got a thorough medical check up thanks to these guys.


Two guys swam through a dangerous raging flood to save a helpless little fox. 

Derek Roeher

A boy in Manila, Philippines carried his beloved dog through a flood caused by a monsoon. 

The Atlantic

Since human raised pandas have a hard time adapting to the wild, Chinese scientists wear panda outfits every time they deal with baby pandas. 


A Chinese grandmother has a deep love for dogs, so she feeds dozens of strays.

China News

The soldiers in the Battle of Okinawa took time to care for a baby goat. 


Two boys used the strap of a lunch box to save this puppy from the flood drains.

ABC News

A volunteer at a seal rehab center in the Netherlands hand feeds a baby seal. 

National Geographic/Peter Dejong

MMA fighter, Cathal Pendred, saw a baby dolphin stuck helplessly on shore. He picked her up and tossed her back into the ocean. 

Cathal Pendred

An orphaned baby orangutan found someone to take care of her.

Orangutan Outreach

A thirsty koala was given some water by this kind firefighter after a blazing brushfire in Australia. 

Daily Mail

A young boy in Bangladesh risked his life to save a deer from drowning.

Huffington Post/Hasib Wahab

A brave animal lover saved this baby kangaroo’s life from an unforgiving flood in Ipswich, Australia.

DailyMail/Nick de Villiers

After this helpless porpoise was washed into a rice field by a powerful tsunami, Ryo Taira made his way through the muck and shallow water to save it. 

The Featured Creature

This innocent baby howler monkey is being nurtured after a severe arm injury.

Wildlife Conservation Belize

A man in Cuttack City, India put some stranded kittens into a basket and carried them across flooded water to dry land. 

AP Images/Biswaranjan Rout

A group of people saved these helpless false killer whales by moving them back into the ocean.


A penguin observes as Richard Tesore of Rescate Fauna Marina nurtures a baby river dolphin. 

Washington Post/Andres Stapff

Adam Warwick saved this 400 pound black bear from drowning by jumping into the ocean after it and pulling him back to shore.  

Becky Bickerstaff/Adam Warwick/The Nature Conservancy

A mother duck and her babies find a friendly police man to help them cross the road safely. 

Sunny Skyz

An animal shelter in Peru was heavily flooded, fortunately, the volunteers did everything in their power to rescue every one of the animals.


Erick and Torvald courageously saved this baby lamb from drowning in a raging river in Norway.


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