10 Bizarre Syndromes That Only Affect Animals.

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Berserk Male Syndrome

You might say we’re spoiled because we have major medical advantages at our disposal. Unfortunately, animals don’t have the same benefits we do, and yet, they’re just as susceptible to sicknesses as we are. Over the past couple of years, diseases have spread throughout the animal kingdom. The only problem is, animals can’t talk and say, “Hey, I’ve got this,” or “I’ve got that.” But if people can get sick and face bizarre medical issues, then why can’t an animal? So, if you’re an animal lover, then you should know that your pets are likely to develop any number of syndromes.

Berserk Male Syndrome will cause animals like peacocks, alpacas and llamas to simply go berserk. This condition is caused by humans who are with these animals from the time they’re young. It confuses the animal into thinking their owners are part of their pack. So, if the human gets too close to their personal bubble, they’ll attack.

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