22 Fascinating Animal Facts That Your Biology Teacher Forgot To Tell You.

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Anna’s hummingbird is native to North America’s west coast and have a chameleon-like quality.

The animal kingdom is extremely surreal, but most of us have no idea how unique each species is. But if we took a moment to open our minds, we’d swear that these animals were from another world. As it turns out, each species is special in their own way and there are facts out there that will blow your mind. But they’re so weird, you’ll probably consider adding them to trivia night. So, if you’re bored, sit tight, and take a look at these interesting animal facts.

You probably didn’t know this but Anna’s hummingbird is able to change its color every second. The reason it’s able to do this is that the feather’s microstructure reflects light differently. So, when the viewing angle changes, so does the color.

Lab of Ornithology / YouTube