Zoos Are Tweeting Amazon-Style Reviews Of Their Animals And It’s Too Funny.

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This was Oregon Zoo's official Twitter post, which started the whole #rateaspecies trend.

When the Oregon Zoo first posted a review of a river otter on its Twitter account, the post looked eerily similar to an Amazon review. But the last thing the zoo had expected was to inadvertently start a brand-new trend with the use of the hashtag #rateaspecies. In less than no time, other zoos started to follow the Oregon Zoo's example. But the trend didn't stop there. Aquariums also started pulling off the same review and using the same hashtag. Eventually, Twitter users decided that they wanted to do it too. So here are some of the coolest animal reviews that have hit the Twitterverse.

Alright, so the otter only comes in one color, but can you really say no to that adorable washed up face?