27 Animals Who Are Insanely Good At Dancing. #14 Doesn’t Care What People Think.


We call this the Twerk-and-Pounce

It's been a long week: Your boss has been demanding, your kids have been jerks, your friends have been difficult and the weather just can't seem to make up its damn mind.Instead of entering into the weekend with a weathered frown on your face, we suggest you take a minute of this fine Friday to stand up from your desk, stretch your legs, and dance like no one's watching (even though everyone is, you're at work after all).

Need some dancespiration? Check out these dancing queens.

Just two grand dames, enjoying a waltz.

This bear is going Gangnam Style.

Oguz Sahin

This duck is outlining the No Flex Zone.


Lean back and do the Roc-a-Wear.

Louise Bleakly

This is a thing.

Our guess is that they're dancing to Sugarhill Gang.

One more shot Rog

It's never to late to learn to dance...

...even if you're unsure of yourself.

Sharing a private moment on the dance floor.

This dog is listening to Beyonce and taking things to a sensual level.

The kitty version of the hula.

Feeling dance surge through his body.

"I don't want to be a doctor, mom. I just want to dance."

Rex Features

Finding inner peace through dance.

Who's bad?

Paws in the air because he just doesn't care.

This bear's hips don't lie.

To take your dance to the next level, add some sexy splashes of water.

This panda's next album is about to drop.

This turtle is getting it.

Kangaroos like to keep their steps prim and proper.

Pascal Vuylsteker

This cat may have taken something before hitting the club.

Dancing isn't just fun, it's great for your glutes.

Dancing like your drunk uncle at a wedding.

Really giving it his all.

The greatest and most prolific dancer of a generation.

Now, you're ready to see Christopher Walken's brilliant dance moves.