25 Times Animals Did Things For The First Time, And Had The Funniest Reaction.


This pooch's first time meeting little kittens.

The moments where we do something for the first time become some of our best memories. The first day of school, our first romantic relationship, the first job we ever landed — the list can go on and on. Well just like humans, firsts are important for animals too!

Just like we will never forget the first time we experienced snow, a cat or dog will never forget their first time experiencing snow either. Birds will never forget the first time they took off with their wings. A mama bear will never forget the first time she taught her cub to climb trees. The world is filled with various types of firsts for both humans and animals. The best part about the animals' firsts, however, are their reactions.

"These are the ones that have claws? Do they bite? Should I be afraid?"


This husky's first time seeing a kangaroo.

"Errrrmergerd it's a deer that jumps!" His face is priceless.

This sweet dog's first time sleeping inside a home ever in her life.

"So this is what warmth feels like." She looks so peaceful and beautiful.


This cat's first time discovering snow.

"Oh GAWD it so cold! Why Gawd whyyyy?!" The progression of the cat's facial reaction here is purrfect.


This baby polar's first time hanging out in the snow.

He must feel like he finally arrived home! He looks like he belongs right where he is.

Soren Koch of Hilmer and Koch Photography

These cats' first time seeing a vacuum in action.

"Alright guys, Ill grab the cord, Phil, you claw the machine, and Danny, you hide the body."


This cat's first time seeing the newest addition to the family.

"Um... wth is this guys? I said bring back at treats, not a baby."


This precious cat's first time outside.

Frightened at first, but this brave kitty slowly adapted to the fresh air!


This husky's first time on television.

This is the best husky gif ever. I think he embodies how any of us would be on tv for the first time.

This kitty's first time seeing a Christmas tree.

The cat's expression says it all: "It's so mesmerizing, I gotta knock it off!"


This two week old foster kitten's first time meeting the sun.

He looks so enlightened, in all senses of this word.


These pups' first time meeting kitties.

"What are these weird looking non-dogs? What are they?"


This poor dog's first time riding a terrifying train ride.

Don't worry big fella, you're in good hands! And in no time, you'll be on solid non-moving ground.


This formerly blind dog's first time seeing his owners.

After seeing this, I think my life is finally complete.

Benjamin May

These cats' first time seeing the ceiling fan move.

"LOOK AT IT GO! DOES IT EVER STOP?" It looks like the one on the right is a lot more excited.


This cat 5 minutes after his first time walking outside.

"SOMEONE LET ME IN!!! I'll be a good boy, just let me innnn!"


This pupper's first time seeing snow.

I think it's safe to say he likes what he sees. He's definitely having a blast.


This cat's first time seeing snow outside the window.

"Hell... it has frozen over." Have you ever seen a pair of more terrified eyes?


This baby bear's first time getting a climbing lesson.

And he's doing so well! Mama bear must be so proud.

This dog's first time playing on the ice.

"Oh, this is just so much fu.......Wooooow!!" Looks like he spoke too soon.

TJ Parker

This dog's after his first time meeting a cat.

Uh oh, it looks like it didn't go as well as he hoped. Poor fella, don't worry. The cat will come around... eventually.


This apartment-raised cat's first time in the outside world.

Awww, she looks so scared! Careful human, if the cat gets anymore scared, her claws will come out!


These two baby common goldeneye ducks first time leaving the nest.

It's hard to imagine that these wings can actually carry them!


This dog's first time discovering her own shadow.

How can a grown-up dog discover it's shadow for the first time? Don't know but let's just enjoy the moment.

Rumble Viral

This pup's first time sticking her head out the window.

"So peaceful, oh the serenity, so calm, benevolent, and complacent.... aaaand now I swallowed a mosquito, I'm done."