20 Times Animals Wreaked Total Havoc On Golf Tournaments.

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Next time you flip to the golf channel, you'll feel like you're watching an episode of "Animal Planet."

Imagine that you're a professional golfer and that everyone's rooting for you to make this shot, but then, an animal invades the golf course you're on. It's a good thing that there are rules in golfing that allow you to free drop if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable when an animal gets too close to the ball you're trying to hit, but still, this can bug the heck out of you.

Not only do you have to wait until the animal passes, but you also risk everyone forgetting how good of a golfer you are because everyone's too busy having their hearts melting over the creature that just strolled onto the course. So, without further ado, here are a few times when animals invaded golf tournaments.

In 2016, a bunch of mongooses ran onto the golf course at the European Tour's Nedbank Golf Challenge on the Race to Dubai. The tournament itself was held in South Africa, and the last thing viewers expected to see were these exotic animals ruining across the golf game.

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