20 Times Animals Stole The Show At Professional Sporting Events.


The NFL took to Twitter to announce that it had gone on alert after a squirrel ran into the field.

Sports are one of humanity's greatest pastimes, and it can be a ton of fun and a great way to stay fit too. So, can you really blame an animal for trying to get in on the fun? After all, they get bored easily and need to find ways to entertain themselves. Besides, when they see their favorite humans having fun without them, they tend to feel left out.

So, naturally, they'll jump right in and try to join in from time to time, but that's when they ruin everything. Yes! It's true! Every now and then, an animal gets curious or excited, and decides to run across a field or fly through a basketball court. Now that sounds pretty dangerous for the animal, but it's totally frustrating for people playing or watching professional sporting events, who have to stop everything because of an animal.

Given how rough NFL players play the game and how many injuries occur as a result, it's no wonder that the poor squirrel was probably petrified. Then again, it's so fast, that maybe the Packers should consider making the squirrel part of the team.

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Then there was the time when vampires terrorized a professional basketball game in progress.

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Alright, so maybe it wasn't vampires. It was really just one bat, who somehow flew into the middle of a college basketball game, forcing the game to stop for a couple of minutes while the players panicked and threw towels at the creature to get rid of it.

In March 2013, a pine marten really stole the show at a Swiss Super League soccer match.

Maybe he had been a soccer player in his past life, or he simply wandered into the field like an inebriated fan and tried to steal the spotlight. Regardless, Zurich defender Loris Benito got into a tussle with the weasel, who managed to bite him in order to get away.

Daily Mail

Randy Johnson may be one of the fastest pitchers in baseball history, as one dove tragically learned.

Johnson was standing at home plate when he swung his bat, he unintentionally hit a dove that flew in the direction of where the bat was swinging. This resulted in what could only be described as a bloodbath for the bird.


They say that golfing can be such a calming, but often, time consuming sport, until this happened.

Everyone in the Buffalo Creek Golf Club needed a change of underwear after they saw a giant alligator walking across the golf course in order to get to the lake located next to the third hole in the field. This must have been a nerve-wracking encounter for golfers!

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They say that a black cat is an omen of misfortune, which is what the Cubs were afraid of in 1969.

Ferguson Jenkins, who was a Hall of Famer, was standing on the hill for the Chicago Cubs during a game against the Mets. The odds were already against the Cubs since they had been on a losing streak. But then a black cat crossed Jenkins path, which signaled yet another loss for the team.


A bear's behavior is unpredictable, which explains why most people didn't know they apparently have a thing for baseball.

A baseball game was being played in Juneau, Alaska on June 15, 2014, when a black bear suddenly started roaming outside of the baseball field's gate. Maybe it just wanted to see how humans played the game, but naturally, the players themselves were on edge.

An Alaskan Way of Life / YouTube

The creature known as the Rally Fox decided to pay players and fans a visit back in 2016.

The fox, which was known for often interrupting Class A Charleston home games, had seemingly vanished for almost an entire year. Then, it popped up from the third base dugout during the eighth inning of the first game of the RiverDogs against the Fireflies.


A 12-foot long alligator popped up at a golf course in Richmond, Texas, and was caught and named.

It earned the name Chubbs, after a character from the film "Happy Gilmore." Chubbs was a one-eyed reptile and weighed approximately 600 pounds. The Gator Squad based in Houston was called in to grab the creature after golfers got too comfortable and started approaching the gator.

ABC News

During a Myrtle Beach Pelicans game in July 2010, a cat stumbled into a field and ruined a game.

At first, it seemed as though the cat was friendly. However, when someone tried taking the cat off the field, it did a back-arch move that sent chills down every player's spine. Eventually, a groundskeeper was able to nab the feline.

MyrtleBeachPelicans / YouTube

People couldn't stop talking about the cat that stumbled into Marlins Park, which halted the game.

The cat earned the hashtag name #RallyCat because it was elusive, and its invasion of the sporting event led to a disastrous disruption for the baseball teams trying to continue playing. Ironically, after Rally Cat was captured, it ran away again, but it will probably be back.

@Marlinspark / Twitter

During the second round of the 2015 Zurich Classic of New Orleans, a standoff with a snake ensued.

It was a native black snake and it was in the middle of the fairway. Naturally, an official from the golf course drove over with his golf cart to attempt to remove the snake before it could bite anyone, but the snake seemed determined to stay.

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Playing cricket is very intense, which is why the players weren't amused by this four-legged distraction.

In 2016, players were at the ACA-VDCA stadium in Visakhapatnam, India, when out of nowhere, a dog entered the stadium. As soon as it realized that humans were coming after him, it ran across the field and temporarily interrupted the game.

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In Major League Baseball, the only thing that can disrupt a game is a force of nature, like bees.

It wasn't a hailstorm, rain, or snow that stopped a game between the Orioles and the Angels in Anaheim, California. It was a bunch of bees that seemed interested in making the cameras a part of their new hive. Since no one wanted to get stung, the game was postponed.

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It's too bad that squirrels aren't able to join football teams, because this one would have been a winner.

This squirrel must have made a wrong turn somewhere because it suddenly found itself in the middle of a field during a college football game between Kent State and Louisville. Ironically, the terrified squirrel did what most players struggle to do, which was to score a freaking touchdown.

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Royal Canberra Golf Club found itself being invaded by a bunch of kangaroos on February 14, 2013.

During the LPGA's Australian Open, a mob of 10 kangaroos hopped onto the golf course and made themselves right at home. But this is pretty common given that kangaroos are indigenous to Australia.


Two adorable dogs decided to interrupt a professional soccer game, but it was hard to get mad at them.

Turkish team Galatasaray and Germany's VfR Aelen were playing soccer when somehow, two pups broke into the soccer field and started prancing around. But no one seemed particularly upset over their presence. If anything, the players thought they were adorable.


Dogs don't always stumble onto a field and disrupt a game. In some cases, they like to take a souvenir.

This pit bull ran into a field in the middle of a softball game at Western Oregon University. Not only was the pooch able to interfere with the game, but he also decided to steal two gloves from the hands of two players.


The only thing worse than a dog that disrupts a golf game is one who would dare steal a golf ball.

A dog showed up during the Dunhill Links golf ball game in Scotland and did more than steal the spotlight. It stole the golf ball that golfer Paul Casey was about to putt. After grabbing the ball from the 12th green, it simply ran off.

The Week

A gigantic bird lands on a fan during a game between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants.

This wasn't just some random bird. This was Taima, the August hawk, who happens to be the Seahawks' mascot. But for whatever reason, it decided that landing on the head of a fan before kickoff would bring the team some luck, but all it did was distract everyone and cause laughter.

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