20 Times Animals Stole The Show At Professional Sporting Events.

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The NFL took to Twitter to announce that it had gone on alert after a squirrel ran into the field.

Sports are one of humanity's greatest pastimes, and it can be a ton of fun and a great way to stay fit too. So, can you really blame an animal for trying to get in on the fun? After all, they get bored easily and need to find ways to entertain themselves. Besides, when they see their favorite humans having fun without them, they tend to feel left out.

So, naturally, they'll jump right in and try to join in from time to time, but that's when they ruin everything. Yes! It's true! Every now and then, an animal gets curious or excited, and decides to run across a field or fly through a basketball court. Now that sounds pretty dangerous for the animal, but it's totally frustrating for people playing or watching professional sporting events, who have to stop everything because of an animal.

Given how rough NFL players play the game and how many injuries occur as a result, it's no wonder that the poor squirrel was probably petrified. Then again, it's so fast, that maybe the Packers should consider making the squirrel part of the team.

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