2 Anonymous Students Sneak Into Classroom And Create The Most Mind-Blowing Thing.


A mysterious team of two people, who go by the name Dangerdust, are causing quite a stir at the Columbus College Of Art & Design.

They spent an entire year transforming a solitary chalkboard in the Loann Crane Center into beautiful works of art.

“When you’re working on long extended projects for graphic design classes it’s easy to… lose motivation,” they said. “I think we’re tired of the computer, and [chalking] gives us motivation.”

- Dangerdust

The two wish to remain unnamed, but you can see their amazing works in the photos below.

There's 28 of them. Which is your favorite?

I'm happy that I can draw a stick figure, and these two are just creating the most amazing works of art, I love it! Share this awesome story, just click below.