Elderly Couple Rescued A Pit Bull And He Ended Up Saving Their Lives.

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This is Anne and Vic Tenaglia from West Chester, Pennsylvania, with their wonderful pup, Jingle.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our furry friends aren't always treated the way that they deserve. They're abandoned, abused, and some are even made to do horrible things to other animals. When that's the case, many dogs are put down because people are fearful that they'll continue to act the way that they've been taught. Luckily, this dog, who was rescued from a horrible life, found a forever home, despite his rocky past.

You see, Jingle has a bit of a rough past. The couple met him two years ago when the Brandywine Valley SPCA asked if there was any way they could foster him after being rescued, along with 11 other dogs, from a dog fighting ring.

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Jingle was as sweet as could be, but the chaotic environment of the shelter was really overwhelming for him.

And he wasn't in the best health condition, either. He was covered in wounds, underweight, and because he had severe anxiety, Jingle was literally chewing off his own tail.

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The couple was a little hesitant about taking in a pit bull pup, but they knew what they had to do.

“I couldn’t leave him there,” said Anne. So they brought Jingle home, where he immediately warmed up to the couple. But he was still a really anxious dog, so he continued to chew his tail.

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In order to distract him from the tail-biting, the couple began to take Jingle on walks...a lot of them.

“The only thing that would calm him down was walking. We walked him four or five or six times a day,” said Anne. The exercise helped to reduce Jingle's anxiety, and what it did for Anne and Vic was amazing too.

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Anne and Vic began to notice that their health was getting better!

Anne has atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat that can cause clots, stroke or heart failure. And a few times a year, Anne would end up in the hospital due to heart palpitations.

Anne Tenaglia

The couple's doctor was so impressed by their progress!

“The EKGs (electrocardiograms) have been fine. Our cardiologist said, ‘Whatever you are doing, keep doing it,'" said Anne. Their effort even began showing in their weight loss!

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Thanks to their constant walks with Jingle, the couple began shedding the pounds.

Anne lost a total of 20 pounds and Vic lost an incredible 60 pounds! Now that they're more active, the couple is having a great time running around with their grandkids!

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Anne even got to do something she never thought she would be able to do!

With Jingle by her side, Anne walked two 5k races! “That was good for me. It was a confidence builder,” she said. After a little while, the couple decided to fully adopt Jingle, instead of just fostering him. “We were thrilled to death. He actually chose us before we realized he had wormed his way into our hearts," Anne said.

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Anne shared their story with Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes campaign!

Anne won the campaign and earned a $5000 grant for the Brandywine SPCA! “We saved his life, but we like to say he saved ours,” Anne said.

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