The 16 Funniest April Fools’ Day Pranks Of 2016… I Totally Fell For #6.


Actor John Stamos took over Netflix and made it all about himself.

People tend to either love or hate April Fool’s Day. Those that are masters in playing tricks cannot wait for April 1st to arrive to make their plans a reality, while their victims hate to fall for their jokes year after year.

It’s not just regular people getting in on the fun. Big companies like BMW and Royal Caribbean are getting in on the pranks, each trying to outdo one another. It’s a disappointmet #9 is only a joke and not a real product.


Facebook's own Mark Zuckerberg launched his own clothing line; grey t-shirts and blue jeans were the only two items for sale.


Royal Caribbean's first orbiter spaceship is set to launch in 2030. It will carry all the amenities as the luxury ships, except it will be in space.

Royal Caribbean

This dad told his kids they were getting a new iPad.

Joe Heenan

Vancouver's upcoming Trump Tower got a better name; the Canadian Prime Minister's "Trudeau Tower."

Watches made from moon rocks collected by the Soviet Luna probe in 1974.

Analog Watch Co.

The Library and Archives Canada acquired the declassified records of Canadian super soldier James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine.

Library and Archives Canada

The Voda-drone allows mobile users to reach areas without network coverage.

The super soft and comfy pillows promises you will wake up bilingual after one night sleep.


England's Big Ben will be renamed PIMMS after the fruity drink.


Toilet paper made from tree bark.

Quilted Northern

Google may have pranked itself. The Gmail Mic Drop stars a Minion gif literally dropping a microphone, ending any message chains. After many complaints, the company apologized and turned the feature off.

BMW is getting into the baby business. They have released the stylish xDrive Baby Boots which come with traction sole control.


A monthly menu prescription pairing your lifestyle and favourite Mac meal.


Airbnb launched the lair version. Travellers can stay at a vampire's home for a couple of days. Another option are superheroes, fairies, and even goblins.


Samsung knows fashion. These smart garments will notify wearers when their fly is down, are inactive for too long, and will even send notification to the fridge to lock its door when pants are fitting too tight.


Next, this teacher made his student answer a phone-call during class.