Before & After Photos Show The Power Of Art To Transform Entire Buildings.

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Commecy finds his murals imitate life in terms of being transient.

France is filled with old buildings who have stood the test of time. Many continue to be used as homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, and other businesses. Despite their old age many of these structures need a little TLC on their exterior.

Patrick Commecy has spent the last 40 years giving such buildings a makeover using art. Commecy takes old and plain looking large walls and turns them into his own canvasses. The French artist uses a technique called Trompe-l’œil, a realistic looking painting that can be seen in 3D. This type of art form is believed to have been used in ancient Rome and Greece.

Commecy believes his art does more than just give new life with his colourful and often playful murals. The artist feels what it gives to the communities throughout the country are “identity and proudness.”

A Fresco