This Japanese Art Festival Has An Unusual Twist… And It’s Brilliant.

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Kyota Takahash, Gift for Frozen Village.

Art lovers will walk through rice fields, empty houses, forests, and pass through 200 villages in Niigata, Japan to see the work of 160 international artists. By walking through the various landscapes, visitors meet local artists and residents. Not only do guests learn about the culture and traditions from the area, they also practice the festival’s concept: Humans are part of nature.

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale is the largest art exhibit in the world. The artists’ structures are built on lands belonging to people in the area. The project in turn becomes one where the two parties become collaborators.

The event is held every three years for 50 days. The gallery is spread throughout 190,00 acres of natural beauty.

Osamu Nakamura