Classical Tattoos Your Art Teacher Will Love.

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The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai

Do you have a deep appreciation for classic and well known art pieces? Have you ever just stared at a photo of an art piece in complete and utter awe? Owning the original art piece is practically impossible. Owning a copy cat version of the art piece just doesn't feel right. So why not get a tattoo that translates your favorite artwork onto your skin?

Classic art and tattoos may not initially sound like they go together but don't make up your mind so quickly! With some creativity and out of the box thinking, you could end up with a really beautiful and unique tattoo. Or if you want an exact replica of the art piece, the tattoo looks just as great!

Check out all the classic art-inspired tattoos below that might inspire you.

A beautiful recreation of the most well-known waves with stippling added into the background and shading.