Artist With Vitiligo Created The Most Beautiful Line Of Dolls That Accurately Represent Black Beauty.

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Kay black was so inspired by people with vitiligo that she chose to do something creative.

People living with vitiligo often deal with being pointed at, stared at, and sadly, even made fun of. The disease blotches on your skin when the cells that pigment die off. Thankfully, models like Winnie Harlow, who suffers from the disease, is helping those with vitiligo embrace their unique beauty. Now, an artist has found a new way to give people who suffer from this condition a boost of confidence. Kay Black created some dolls with various blotch patterns similar to vitiligo so that women and little girls can take pride in how they look and never shy away.

Also known as Kay Customz, Kay gave her dolls a makeover by painting their skin to look like vitiligo patterns from real people who suffer from this condition.

Kays Customz