Massive Avalanche Thunders Down A Mountain. Watch What The Rabbit Does...

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A company called Helipro was getting footage for their upcoming film about snowboarding called "The Balance Movie," when suddenly snowboarder David Carrier-Procheron caused a small avalanche. They got some incredible footage of him artfully beating the avalanche down the hill, but they also caught something totally unexpected. Can you spot it?

**Just as the avalanche started, the filmmakers notice a white rabbit running into the fray. It seemed like a tenuous situtation, but luckily, the rabbit made it out okay. "This crazy rabbit appeared and showed us the best survival (technique)!" Helipro said on its website "People from all over the world support the rabbit now!" Helipro said the footage is not only real, but added that the rabbit is fine, even adding this photo as proof.**



Glad to see he made it out okay. That is one tough bunny!

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