18 Awful Fashion Trends That We Hope To Never See Again.

The bullet bra trend from the 1940s and 1950s seemed to be totally on point for that time period.

Fashion can either be bold and daring, or insanely horrific, but if there's one thing we can say is that it's rarely dull or boring. Then again, how many different versions of a handbag, dress or hairstyle can people come up with before they start repeating trends from a previous era? To prevent this from happening, designers and hairstylists come up with clever new ways to create a look that’s completely different. But in some cases, it's a total fashion fail. So, check out these fashion trends that are so bad, they’ll leave you speechless. What’s more, these horrific trends should get buried deep underground so they never resurface again.

It actually drew attention to women’s upper bodies, and not in a positive way. But as it turns out, women were already obsessing about getting bigger busts even before boob jobs became as common as getting your hair done at a salon.