At 72 Years Old, Two Women Learn They Were Switched At Birth.

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Linda Jourdeans and Denice Juneski were finally “reunited” after years of not knowing about each other’s existence.

Life can be as unpredictable as rain in the summer. We try to create a sense of security by “doing all the right things." We try to eat as healthy as possible. We move around and try to exercise when we get a break, and we surround ourselves by friends, family, and people who bring something positive into our lives.

But reality is sometimes stranger than fiction, and you really never know if the life you’ve been living was nothing but a lie. At the age of 72, two women realized they were switched at birth back in 1945. The discovery came after a simple DNA test proved there was a major mishap at a hospital in Minnesota.

And why should they know about each other? It’s not like these two women were separated at birth or were each other’s long lost twins. Their story is a truly weird one, but the two lovely ladies have bonded through their peculiar situation and are really happy to know the truth.

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