We’ve Found The Cutest Photos Ever Taken… And They’re Baby Monks!


Here they are, the two tiniest monks in the world.

Well, it's official: The cutest thing to ever grace the internet is here.

It comes in the form of two toddlers visiting the Er Fo temple in Hechuan, Chongqing, during a family vacation. The fathers of the two boys decided to dress the little guys like monks from a Chinese cartoon, resulting in what might be the most adorable little duo in the world.

Below are images of the kids hanging out at the Buddhist temple. Initially, the photos were taken for the families alone, but after posting them on WeChat (A popular Chinese social media service), they went viral. Needless to say, we're glad they did.

They were captured dutifully praying at this Buddhist altar.

And goofing around a little bit, too.

The fathers' decided to take the photos after realizing that the boys were a spitting image for a character in a popular Chinese animation.

We can totally see the resemblance.

The parents chose to take pictures in the Er Fo temple because they think its Buddha statue "looks cute," just like the boys.

And clearly, cuteness is in abundance around these parts.

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