Baby Wants To Hear Led Zeppelin, And Will Accept No Substitutes.

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As soon as little kids discover their favorite type of music, they cannot hear anything but that particular song or band. For parents it can feel like torture having to listen to cutesy, silly rhymes and lullabies non-stop.

An Italian dad is trying to find the perfect music for his son by playing different tunes for him. His boy is not impressed by the selection offered to him and gives his papa a definite no. Finally, after a couple of suggestions, the dad asks him what he feels like listening to.

His son’s choice is pretty straight forward when he replies, "dad, I want to hear Led Zeppelin." Watch the boy’s reaction when “Whole Lotta Love” begins to play. This father and son duo will have plenty of material to rock to from the British band.

Papà, voglio sentire Led Zeppelin !

Posted by Marco Antonio on Saturday, September 19, 2015

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