Couple Raised Abandoned Baby Squirrel To Be The Coolest Pet Ever.

A man came home and found two newborn squirrels just like this one hanging around his bedroom.

Being born in the wild is nothing unusual if you’re a squirrel. But imagine being born in someone’s bedroom. It sounds insane, but that’s how the relationship between a man and one squirrel got started. One day, a man walked into his home and found something unusual in his bed. It turns out that a mother squirrel had built a nest on his bed using dried pines and twigs. Eventually, the squirrel gave birth to two babies. But despite her best intentions, she never returned to look after her babies. This cost one of the squirrels its life, and left the other at the mercy of humans. What happened next was heartwarming!

They were adorable, but he was beside himself. He had no idea what to do, so he reached out for help.