Email Typo Has Man Attending Stranger's Weekend Bachelor Party In Vermont.

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Arizona resident Will Novak received an email invitation to a bachelor party, but there was a mix up.

The difference between the name Bill and Will should be obvious, unless someone messes up an email invitation and sends it to the wrong guy. That’s exactly how two men living in different states ended up celebrating a bachelor party together. It turns out that Bill Novak lives in Brooklyn, New York, but Will Novak lives all the way in Arizona. However, when Will received Bill’s invitation to a bachelor party in Vermont, he made it his personal mission to crash a stranger’s event with a little help from social media. And the outcome was hilarious and amazing, all at the same time.

The email wasn’t meant for him. It was meant for Bill Novak in Brooklyn. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to attend. He just needed to figure out how to get to the bachelor party, which was in Vermont. So, he raised some money through GoFundMe, which he definitely needed.