The Bacon Shield™, And 28 Other People Who Take Problem Solving To A Whole New Level.


Sometimes you're faced with a problem or challenge so great, it requires a special kind of thinking to figure out the solution. The photos you're about to see are the pinnacle of this mental achievement.

Some of them are quirky, insane, bizarre, and others are genuinely pretty darn clever!

So next time you're in the kitchen with a wet pan, and you're afraid to throw the greasy bacon in... just look to #4 to help you find your way.

The rainproof grill

The Bacon Shield™

Arm extender for selfies

Popsicle rack

Bike mower

The coverup

Bottle refiller

Disposable contact lens holder

Hands free drink

The makeshift spoon

5 Slice Toaster

The scale

The makeshift blender

Hands-free water pouch

Phone charger

When you run out of milk.

Dog leash

The smart tattoo

The smart toddler

The pool ferry

Adjustable bottle holder