This Hyperactive Dog Playing Fetch By Himself Will Absolutely Make Your Day.

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One of the first games that dogs learn how to play is fetch. It typically involves a human tossing either a ball or stick, and the dog runs out to retrieve it. Now, there's a game changing device called an automatic ball launcher or thrower, currently priced at around $100+. This device allows your dog to play fetch on their own. Tennis balls or ping-pong sized balls are used, depending on the device.

Buddy was rescued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Northern Dog Project, and has one very popular Facebook page. His family recently posted a video of him playing with his GoDogGo ball thrower, and it has since gone viral. In the video, Buddy drops a tennis ball into his launcher, excitedly anticipates the sound that lets him know it's ready to launch, and sprints out to retrieve it. Not only is he happy, he gets the exercise he needs.

As is true with any other toy, parental supervision is advised. Click play to watch Buddy in action.

If you loved this video, make sure to check out Buddy's official Facebook page.

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