16 Of The Most Beautiful Bathtubs. #16 Is Just Totally Ridiculous!


Outdoor bathtub

There’s nothing like a nice warm bath after a long day. Which one of these would you like to relax in?

Sunken bathtub

Outdoor seaside bathtub in Maldives

Modern attic bathtub

Tub with a view in the Maldives

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s old bathtub

Exotic outdoor bathtub with a view

Bathtub in a resort in Yamu, Phuket.

Bathtub full of rose petals and plumeria in Jimbaran, Indonesia

Wooden bathtub

Wooden bathtub with a view

Japanese wooden bath

Bathtub in Bulgari Resort in Bali

Amethyst bathtub

Swarovski Bathtub  made of 44,928 pink Swarovski crystal. It sold for $39,000. Beyonce received this pink Swarovski studded baby bathtub from Kelly Rowland. This bathtub costs $7000 and weighs more than 3,000 pounds.

Le Grand Queen Gemstone Bath is the world’s most expensive bathtub. It sold for 1.74 million dollars and is made out of caijou, one of the strongest healing stones in the world.  

All of these tubs are awesome. I would happily bathe in any one of these. If you enjoyed this bathtub post, share it with your friends.