24 Amazing DIY Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Home.


Beach Memory Jar

With summer upon us, you have to use every opportunity you can to go to the beach. Pack a picnic blanket (and maybe even a picnic), rub on that sunblock or sun tan lotion (whatever's your preference), and enjoy a day in the sun. We don't get to enjoy a sunny beach all year round so might as well indulge as much as you can when you can.

And when you take all those visits to the beach, be sure to collect all the cool gems you find in the sand. You can partake in various DIY projects with these findings, especially if you want to create some home decor that'll give your home a beachy vibe.

Instead of your typical picture frame, create a memory jar out of a mason jar! Fill the jar with sand, place your photo inside and voila! Wrap the top of the jar with some rope for an added nautical look.