This Hot Wheels Beach Track Uses Gravity To Brilliant Effect… I’m Hooked!

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The love of cars probably starts at a very young age. Who has not met young children, who carry a favourite die-cast Hot Wheels car with them everywhere? And what better way to find out how fast and efficient a sports car is then to put it through a race track test.

YouTube channel, 5MadMovieMakers, went to the beach for their latest project. Rather than spending time sun tanning or going for a swim, the mini movie makers built an extensive and long race track on the sand. The tiny metal cars drive through sandy hills, tunnels, flying off to the finishing line.

The adventure was filmed in San Clemente, California, using a Sony VG30H camera and a GoPro Hero 4 attached to one of the cars. Your inner child will replay this video over a couple of times.

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