She Was Born With A Broken Beak, But How She’s BLINGING It In Style.

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Here's Gigi's beak before the prosthetic was put on. As you can see, it was completely broken.

Gigi is a beautiful macaw with amazingly colorful feathers and a sweet disposition -- and she also just got a whole lot more glamorous.

After being rescued from captivity in Brazil, Gigi's beak was so malformed that she couldn't even eat. Her rescuers decided to get her some help, and thanks to a revolutionary procedure, Gigi's beak is as good as new. In fact, it's even better than it was before, because now it's got some serious bling.

The procedure was done by 3D-imaging specialists, who used a 3D printer to fashion a prosthetic beak for Gigi. It's the first time that something like this has been done, and the results are pretty remarkable.

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The regular material used for 3D printing, plastic, wouldn't work for Gigi's new beak. To make it strong enough, the beak was fashioned out of titanium.

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And naturally, they had to give it a little bit of extra sparkle -- which Gigi seems to enjoy.

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**It's a huge feat for veterinary science, and a big lifesaver for Gigi. Watch her take her first bite of banana with her flashy new prosthetic below.**

Primeiro contato da Gigi com alimento sólido!

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