Bear Cub Caught Enjoying Relaxing Soak In Couple's Hot Tub.

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Hannah Elizabeth Strickland and her boyfriend were counting every minute until they could relax in the cabin they'd rented in a remote area in Tennessee.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland and her boyfriend were looking forward to some time alone on their romantic getaway. The couple packed their bags and headed off to a remote cabin they had rented out in Tennessee. Once they got settled in, the lovebirds relaxed in the soothing warm water of the cabin's hot tub. But once they went inside to lounge and unwind a bit more, they noticed they weren't the only ones who needed to de-stress.

Once they got there, they savored every moment of their romantic getaway. They unwind in the cabin's hot tub and enjoyed spending time together away from everything and everyone...or so they thought.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland

After stepping inside the cabin to continue relaxing, the couple realized they had a guest.

They heard a noise coming from the porch. So Hannah decided to take a peek and find out what was going on. Much to their surprise, she realized they were not alone. Not by a longshot.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland

"I saw a black bear butt walk around the corner of our porch. We ran to the bedroom windows and found three cubs," she told The Dodo.

Hannah had to do a double take to make sure she wasn't seeing things. After all, it was like a scene straight out of a magical Disney movie! As Hannah and her boyfriend stared through the window, they realized they had left the hot tub uncovered.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland

One of the cubs seemed to be intrigued by it, and without hesitation, it slid right into the hot tub's inviting warm waters.

It was a moment of pure relaxation. The cub seemed to be taken back as it felt its muscles relax after what must've been a stressful day in the woods. The baby bear was so relaxed it was even closing their eyes, which prompted Hannah and her boyfriend to laugh really hard.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland

"We were totally shocked and laughed so hard," Hannah remembers.

"I felt like I was watching myself in there," she added. Once the cub had finished unwinding in the tub, it jumped right off and joined the rest of his family. Now that the furry creatures were gone, Hannah went outside and closed the lid, just in case they decided to come back. As it turns out, Hannah was right on the money, as moments later, the cubs and the bear came back. "They came back a little while later, but left as soon as they saw what we had done," she explained. But she couldn't really blame them! "We were looking forward to the hot tub the most!" she jokingly explained.

Hannah Elizabeth Strickland

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